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Epic Infants was founded by Kimberly P. Jones, a Registered Dietitian committed to the care and well being of infants and families.

After years of being a provider of Maternal Infant health services, and nutrition education services in the Metropolitan Detroit area, Kimberly grew to understand the need for an alternative option to what had seemingly become an overpriced necessity, baby cleansing wipes.

In addition, Kimberly realized that her clients were more concerned with obtaining other small infant items such as onsies, t-shirts, socks, bibs, and bottles. Being passionate about the overall well-being of her clients and to redirect their focus on nutrition education, Kimberly would often gift these items to her clients as part of her services.

In 2016, Kimberly started the Epic Infants product line with baby cleansing wipes as the launch product.
We provide a baby wet wipe which supports health and well-being and are eco friendly.  Our baby cleansing wipes are organic,  paraben free, alcohol free, and flushable.The company will expand its product line within 5 years to include bottles, bibs, pacifiers, and some infant clothing items.

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